Dining Week x Mission

In week 7 we look forward to welcoming you to a very special experience. This week we participate in the popular restaurant festival Dining Week, which in a few years has grown into the largest restaurant festival in the Nordic countries.

Give your friends, girl/boyfriend or family a special treat with 6 of our signature dishes served in 3 servings - and even at the very reasonable price of only DKK 215.

1st serving:

Flatbread Labneh with eggplant and herbs

Buffalo cauliflower

Blue skimmed cheese cream with garlic chips and leaves

Chevice Tostadas

Sandwich with celeriac and crispy onions

2nd serving:

Pizza Mortadella - Pistachio - Mortadella - Mozarella

Tomato Linguine with Bronze Fennel

3rd serving:

Soft Serve Twist - home pasteurized milk as softice with crisp and soft

Please note that the number of tickets for sale are limited during Dining Week - so keep an eye out here when tickets are released!

Dear Guest

These are indeed challenging and unknown times. Due to the Corona virus, Denmark is in lockdown and that means all of our restaurants – Almanak, Mission and STUDIO – are closed down until April 13th. In the meantime, it is possible to book a table.

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